About Swedspot

Who we are

Swedspot is a software engineering company that creates solutions for smart mobility. We design, develop, operate and maintain complex solutions for a wide variety of industrial areas such as automotive, transportation, automation and energy. Swedspot has gathered top-industry software resources and work daily in agile fast-paced projects.

Our history

Swedspot is reshaping the world of mobility. The company is first of its kind to successfully merge innovative cloud-based transport solutions with embedded in-vehicle solutions into innovative mobility systems for the Automotive and Asset sector on a global scale. 

The company’s platform – Ezentric – is built with large scale operations in mind, a must when deployed for Large vehicle Fleets, Smart Cities  and other complex and high traffic environments. This together with the outstanding flexibility that the Ezentric platform provides, makes it one of Swedspot´s most prominent competitive advantages and diversifiers. 

Today we provide customized solutions for vehicle OEMs, special vehicle companies, aftermarket companies such as workshops, commercial trucking, marine, and construction. With this we let traditional product enterprises transform into SaaS enterprises, to be able to generate new business values.

Our story starts in 2012 with the vision to bring new innovative solutions into the automotive industry. With deep understanding and knowledge of software engineering from leading software teams at Saab Automobile which delivered their solutions to all of General Motors, Swedspot was looking for opportunities.

Today Swedspot stand strong in both the development of automotive cloud services as well as embedded software focusing on Instrument Clusters and Infotainment Systems which is developed both in house and with customers.

As a follow to the Knowit acquisition of Swedspot in 2022, Knowit Swedspot now also holds a very strong offering within Bluetooth and V2X technology.